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TYSIM PILING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of small and medium sized compact rotary drilling rigs. It is also a member of the management committee of the Association of the National Foundation Industry under the Association of the National Construction Machinery Industry. 

TYSIM has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and hi-tech enterprise certification in 2015. The whole series of products have passed CE certification. It has registered more than 40 patents designs. 

TYSIM products include small sized rotary drilling rigs, modular drilling rigs, Caterpillar chassis series medium sized rotary drilling rigs and other related products. 

TYSIM KR series of small rotary drilling rigs are now one of the professional brands in the piling industry.

TYSIM has been awarded by the China Equipment Online for a consecutive three years as the TOP TEN most followed enterprises by the users of the foundation industry.

After close to 10 years of focus on rotary drilling rig, TYSIM has developed a full range of small and medium sized rotary drilling rigs comprising the KR series: KR40, KR50, KR80, KR90, KR125, KR150, KR220C, KR285C; the M series multi-functional drilling rigs with long auger CFA Function(KR80M, 90M, KR125M, KR220M),and the S series low height KR125 and KR285S rotary drilling rigs. 

TYSIM drilling rigs is not only suitable for various civil and urbanization construction projects. They are also suitable for subway, viaduct and redevelopment of old estate projects. 

Featuring high efficiency and reliable performance, the KR series of small drilling rigs have gained excellent recognition sin both China and abroad.

TYSIM products have been exported in batches to Australia, Singapore,Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Qatar, Zambia and more than 40 countries. In tandem with the advancement of the Chinese construction industry to the next higher level, TYSIM drilling rigs will become the optimal machinery for the urbanization infrastructure and redevelopment constructions.

TYSIM has upheld and further strengthened its leading position in technical expertise and market shares to promote the upgrading of drilling equipment of the domestic foundation industry. In time to come, TYSIM brand will become a top tier brand name in the domestic market as well as the international market.

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