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TYSIM pile breakers develop the Brazilian market triumphantly

2021/08/21 21:41:36

A delegation led by Wang Rongming, deputy director of Wuxi Bureau of industry and information technology

On October 11, Wang Rongming, deputy director of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, and his delegation visited the TYSIM in Huishan Economic Development Zone, made a detailed understanding of the R&D, manufacturing, industrial supporting and operation of TYSIM , and gave guidance and suggestions under the new economic situation.Wang Rongming said: The rapid development of TYSIM is hard won. We should focus on our own main business and direction, strive for progress in stability, not blindly seek greatness. Based on the industrial supporting advantages and policy support advantages of Wuxi City, we should be a representative enterprise of "Made in Wuxi" construction machinery. Xin Peng, chairman of TYSIM machinery, introduced the basic situation and development plan of TYSIM, expressed his determination to build a professional brand of international piling industry, and will focus on products and strive to become a new business card of "Made in Wuxi".
During the meeting, the directors of functional departments of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology conveyed and interpreted various policies of supporting enterprise development of the Bureau of industry and information technology, and encouraged TYSIM to build a professional brand based on Wuxi and gather the industrial advantages of the region. After the meeting, the guests and their party witnessed the commissioning process of the TYSIM rotary drilling rig.
TYSIM is a professional enterprise focusing on small and medium-sized pile construction machinery. Since entering Huishan Economic Development Zone in Wuxi City in 2013, it has continuously promoted the development of domestic and foreign markets, and has built a full range of multi-functional small rotary drilling rig products and caterpillar chassis medium-sized rotary drilling rig products.At the same time of opening domestic market, TYSIM products have been sold to more than 20 countries in the United States, Australia, Turkey, Spain and Southeast Asia. It has gradually established the brand positioning of TYSIM brand\'s small and medium-sized pile machinery. It has been rated as the top ten pile machinery brands by China Road machinery network for three consecutive years, and it is also the only enterprise that focuses on small and medium-sized pile engineering products on the list.In September 2019, TYSIM was affirmed by the industry expert committee, and was rated as one of the top 50 specialized manufacturers of construction machinery by China Construction Machinery Industry Association.
With the full production of new TYSIM machinery plant in 2019, TYSIM products have gradually upgraded the R&D system, supply chain system and manufacturing system, continuously providing high-quality products and services to end customers, and constantly consolidating the professional brand foundation.