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TYSIM to help the regulation project of Beijing and Hangzhou Canal SHIQIAO Lock Channel

2021/04/05 00:00:00

The waterway regulation project from Beijing-Hangzhou Canal SHIQIAO lock to Changjiang estuary gate section is a pilot project for the construction of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal green modern shipping demonstration area, and also a landmark project for promoting the construction of the Grand Canal cultural belt with high quality.

According to the approval of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, The waterway regulation project from SHIQIAO lock of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal to the Changjiang Estuary Gate is regulated according to the second-class waterway standard, with the designed maximum ship class of 2000 tons, Channel bottom width is not less than 70 meters, the minimum navigable water depth of 4.0 meters.
The waterway mileage of this project is 5.37 km, 1 bridge is rebuilt, the anchorage area for the downstream of the SHIQIAO lock is expanded, berths are added, service functions are increased, and ecological greening, shipping cultural facilities, smart canal and navigation beacon facilities are constructed within the waterway land. The estimated budget of the project is 1.33 billion yuan.
After purchasing a KR125A rotary drilling rig from TYSIM, the customer signed a contract with Taiheng Foundation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TYSIM, to lease three rotary drilling rigs of the same model to help with the regulation of the waterway, which also represents the customer\'s full trust in TYSIM. At the same time, TYSIM also provides high quality products and services, living up to customer expectations and love.

The smooth implementation of this project will break through the "last kilometer" navigation bottleneck of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, give full play to the benefits of the main waterway, and also play an important role in the construction of a green modern shipping demonstration area in Yangzhou and the promotion of the construction of the Grand Canal cultural belt.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, TYSIM has sent full-time after-sales staff to provide service in the whole process to escort customers in the construction process, highlighting the business philosophy and core values of "creating value for customers".