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Product DescriptionCase
Performance Parameter Unit Value
Max. torque kN.m 220
Max. drilling diameter mm 1800/2000
Max. drilling depth m 64/51
Working speed rpm 6~28
Max. cylinder pressure kN 210
Max. hoist capacity kN 220
Main winch pull force kN 230
Main winch speed m/min 60
Auxiliary winch pull force kN 90
Auxiliary winch speed m/min 60
Max. cylinder stroke mm 5000
Mast side raking ° ±5
Mast raking forward ° 5
System pressure mpa 35
Pilot pressure mpa 4
Max. walking speed km/h 2.2
Max. pull force kN 430
Operating height mm 21082
Operating width mm 4300
Transport height mm 3360
Transport width mm 3000
Transport length mm 15300
Total weight t 66

Engine performance
Engine type CAT-7.1
Engine form Water-cooled, 6 cylinder line, turbocharged
Air intake form Turbocharged inter-cooled
Cylinder number*cylinder diameter*stroke mm 6×112×140
Displacement L 7.2
Rated power kw/rpm 195/2000  
Max. torque N.m/rpm
Emission standard EUⅢ

Kelly bar
Model Friction Interlocking
Outer diameter φ440 φ440
Layers*Length of each section 5×14 4×14
Max.depth 64 51

Chassis type CAT330 
Track width mm 3000~4300
Width of track plate mm 800
Tail radius of rotation mm 3780

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